Letter weight and size

Malaysia Standard Mail

Malaysia Standard Mail is an enveloped letter which is flexible and fulfills the following Pos Malaysia conditions:


WeightMaximum up to 50gm
SizeMinimum: 140mm (length) x 90mm (width)
Maximum: 250mm (length) x 165mm (width)
ThicknessMinimum: 0.25mm
Maximum: 6.00mm
Envelope and colour
    • Paper which is non-glossy and is white or has a soft colour tone at the front of the envelope

    • Not embossed and shall not contain any sprocket hole

  • completely sealed
Description of 
envelope's front 
pages (refer to the images below)
    • Postage Zone: 74mm (length) x 40mm (width)

    • Sender's Zone: May contain the sender's name, address, logo or advertisement

    • Recipient's Zone: Name and address of the recipient written or printed in dark and non-luminous ink

  • Barcode Zone: Should be blank 15mm from the bottom of the envelope


Postage rates for Malaysia Standard Mail


CategoryWeight StepRate of Postage
Malaysia Standard MailUp to 20gm0.60
20gm - 50gm0.70

 *All prices are exclusive 6% of GST


Non-Malaysia Standard Mail

  • Non-Malaysia Standard Mail is a domestic delivery service available in three options: envelopes, boxes and rolls
  • For envelopes and boxes, the maximum measurement is 600mm (length) x 250mm (width) x 30mm (height)
  • For rolls, the maximum measurement is 600mm (length) x 100mm (diameter)
  • It should not weigh more than 2kg


Rates for Non-Malaysia Standard Mail

 *All prices are exclusive 6% of GST.

Non-Malaysia Standard MailUp to 50gmRM 0.80
Above 50gm - 100gmRM 0.90
Above 100gm - 250gmRM 1.00
Above 250gm - 500gmRM 2.00
Above 500gm - 1kgRM 3.50
Above 1kg - 2kgRM 5.50



Small Packet



  • Small Packet is a Non-Malaysia Standard Mail which weighs not more than 2kg
  • Delivery is available for both domestic and international posting (for international posting, please refer to international mail rates)
  • The maximum measurement for the Small Packet is 250mm (length) x 200mm (width) x 100mm (height)
  • This is not limited to any specific shape or form
  • If the item weighs more than 2kg and exceeds the maximum measurement, it will be classified as a parcel and will be charged according to parcel rates