Local Delivery

On Campus Mail delivery is a direct item delivery service accepted at the Tesco Mail Center for processing and delivery directly to recipients in the Tanjung Bungah areas, Batu Feringghi area, Pulau Tikus areas or others area's including Butterworth, and also for inter stage such as within of the Tesco area.

Local Mail Delivery

For items like regular mail, postcards, magazines, documents or small packages.
  • See Local Mail rates

Local Parcel Delivery 

For items like parcel more than 10 kg, or heavy parcel must be use van or lorry.
  • See Local Parcel rates

What you need to get started

UniStorage Tesco office, you'll need a government-issued photo identification and proof of authorization if you're ordering on behalf of another person.

Buy online

You need a UniStorage Tesco account to purchase a On Campus Delivery service.

Your Local Delivery service can start as early as 2 days after purchase.

  1. Sign-in to your UniStorage Tesco account or sign-up.
  2. Enter your address and identification information for delivery in website.
  3. Choose the length of service.
  4. Pay COD to our raider.
  5. If required, visit the Trace & Trace with your tracking number.

Buy at a UniStorage Tesco office

Your Inter Stage Delivery service can start as early as 1 days after purchase for both personal and business needs.

  1. Fill out an order form at home to save time at the UniStorage office.
  2. Visit UniStorage Tesco office. 
  3. Show your identification and pay.
  4. Pay cash or e Wallet at counter.
  5. If required, visit the Trace & Trace with your tracking number.