The UniStorage Internship Program is exclusively open to students and very recent graduates from any region in the world that have a background in any fields of interest to UniStorage, such as macro-economics, international relations, communications, e-business, IT-IS, marketing, statistics, finance, translations, etc.

An internship provides an excellent opportunity to students or very recent graduates to learn about the Organization, and to complement their educational background through practical work.


An internship is naturally limited to a fixed period of 2 to 6 months, except in special instances depending on the internship conditions set out by the educational institution where the student is enrolled or for research internships related to the preparation of a doctoral thesis.


The minimum requirements considered for a UniStorage Internships are the following:

• Age: minimum 20 years of age for a trainee from a university or any other higher educational institutions, 18 years of age for students originating from a vocational or technical institution (apprenticeship),

• Very good knowledge of spoken and written Bahasa or English

• A proven track record of achievements, supported by copies or certificates from the university or other specialized institutions

Contractual conditions

The UniStorage will remunerate the intern according to internal rules


All candidates interested in internship opportunities at UniStorage must write the official letter to UniStorage: